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Sierra Henry is a dancer and choreographer based in Los Angeles, CA. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Texas Christian University receiving a  B.F.A. in Modern Dance and Strategic Communications. Originally from Atlanta, she performed with Roswell Dance Theater in works by Kassandra Taylor Newberry, Tracey Bayly, Robert Gosnell, and Hye Young Kim. She also performed principle roles including The Nutcracker (Sugar Plum Fairy) and Alice in Wonderland (Alice). Her original choreography has been performed onstage for Regional Dance America Festivals, for which she was awarded the Monticello Award for Choreography. During her time at TCU, she has performed works by Bryn Cohn, Lee Wei Chao, Christian Von Howard, Dance Exchange, and Nina Martin.


As a choreographer, I create work that communicates to the audience how I see the world. My work is based on humanism - exploring the ways that the body logically moves and how the emotion each dancer expresses is physicalized. My work is also musically driven. I am fascinated with the idea that music can look like something. I see the music as a tool from which to build the dance in cohesion with. I believe movement should make sense. I want audience members to leave with a complete experience - a full sentence. Movement motifs are very important to me in my work. I work off the idea that each dance I create has its own unique set of movements, themes, and quirks that define it. I am interested in energy and how it affects the way we move; held energy, released energy, or the lack thereof. I investigate how the same steps performed with different kinds of energy can transform and mold a dance. I am ultimately fascinated by what it means to communicate my thoughts to the audience through movement and musicality instead of words.

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